High Court Level Discription

This is the second level in the Judiciary justice delivery hierarchy. It draws its mandate from Article 108(1) of the Constitution. It has both appellate and original powers on civil and criminal matters. It also hears appeals from the Courts of Resident Magistrate, the District Courts, and the District Land and Housing Tribunals in exercise of their original, appellate and/or revisional jurisdiction. Further, the High Court has revisional and supervisory powers over subordinate courts, tribunals, and administrative and quasi-judicial bodies. The High Court is divided into Zones and specialized Divisions. Currently there are sixteen (16) Zones and four (4) Specialized Divisions namely: Commercial, Land, Labor and Corruption & Economic Crime. The establishment of special divisions was aimed at creating a conducive environment for the attraction of investments necessary for economic growth, by faster resolution of legal matters that required court’s intervention.

Future Judiciary plan, is to have High Court centers in all administrative regions in a move to expand accessibility to justice by the citizens.

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